Didn’t Just Happen (wink)

Hot Hasidic Wife (HHW) just stopped by so I could help her unlock her laptop - while I did that seemingly simple task - she lamented how much she misses Bacon and Doggie Style - yes over-sharing in suburbia, got to love it, and it seems HHW hasn’t always been Hasidic. (double wink)

Run Bunny, Run!

So I was looking out my studio window - and two little girls from up the block are frantically chasing a tiny bunny - my immediate thought is, they put their bunny down - and now they’ll never catch it - so, being a world-class procrastinator - I hopped outside to see if I could help catch the wayward bunny - it because pretty obvious after 30 seconds of talking with the girls that

  • This wasn’t their bunny.
  • This was a wild bunny.
  • That the bunny wasn’t really interested in the carrot they were waving about - all this bunny wanted to do was escape.
  • They didn’t really have a plan for what to do with the bunny if they actually managed to catch it.
  • Neither was too keen on ending up at the emergency room for rabbit bites (which I assured them hurt much worse than the shots they’d need to get)

They both agreed to let the bunny go - to never chase wild bunnies again - and they also agreed that the 185 lb. pig that lived next door didn’t run nearly as fast as the bunny - and probably didn’t bite.

As he ran away - the rabbit looked back at me and (smiled?) I reminded him - I’m not his friend, I’m the guy who feeds the TOP of the neighborhood food chain - but if he wanted to pitch a tent in my FRONT yard - I could probably find him some food and shelter.

Stop The PSD Madness

psdmadness Stop The PSD MadnessIt’s rare that I have to dive into a client provided PSD but it happens - yesterday I got a somewhat massive, somewhat horrific PSD that made me a little dizzy, 1000s of default named layers all arrange in no particular order, upon closer examination about 200 of these layers where vector rectangles being used to create borders around headshots, more specifically (back to front).

  • A mask to choke the photo 5 pixels / interior stroke
  • An exterior 1px border
  • Image

It’s a nice look - it’s a simple CSS technique, accomplished with a simple border, a background color and some padding - but to a UI designer in Photoshop - the obvious choice is multiple shapes, and in certain cases I’m sure that’s also the best choice - but I’ve never encountered one of those cases (in 20+ years of doing UI work)

A MUCH Simpler solution

Photoshop Styles offer you SO much power when you start mixing them, for this we need border (duh!) and inner glow - both effect the image, scale with the image, move with the image and ARE CUT AND PASTE-ABLE - IMHO it’s a far more manageable/elegant solution - a hell of a lot less elements too.

Grab the border style

Realization #328