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11 Responses to Soar

  1. buep

    Lovely graphic style!

  2. Larry here ⋅

    OMG - it’s great! Hey is it Friday already?!

  3. rui sousa

    Great illustracion, love the lines and the color. Nice style, keep on the good work.

  4. A very interesting image that makes me think.

  5. MrsB

    My boys and I love space, and robots and rockets! Faboo illo!!

  6. saul ⋅

    I love space, robots and rockets - too!, I’ve always wanted to illustrate an old-school apollo command module, this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

  7. Julie

    I love your style! I had to click on the thumb of the round window and fluffy white clouds!
    Re: Design Notes… I love the color combo of your blog and it is well designed. Color is a very personal and emotional thing for some people:)

  8. Danielle

    Wow I agree with you on the limited colour palette. It’s so expressive and the splash of red in the bird is very powerful! I also agree with Julie’s comment that your fabulous sense of colour contributes to such a well designed blog!

  9. Elé

    I love your idea and your style! Bravo!

  10. Reeko

    Like it… Not much feeling of movement though. Is that intentional?

  11. saul ⋅

    Yep, the ‘frozen’ in space and time appearance is intentional… it would have been pretty easy to make it look like it was moving, but that would have taken away from the initial concept.

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