By now you may have already seen, it’s a nifty mixtape sharing site - upload your mp3’s drag drop and you have a slick mix ready to share with friends - excellent concept, but you may as well zip up the mp3’s and post the link to that as well - IMHO this is yet another site that makes grabbing high quality music easy and readily available for download and distribution - a like so many other sites, it appears that they’ve spent zero time even considering the security of the media, or the artists whose music is being shared.

The issue:

Go to any muxtape ( click on any song, basically you’ve just made a request to an amazon S3 server for one of the uploaded tracks - it get’s loaded into a flash audio player and played - but in doing so it exposes the path the mp3 itself - and from what I can tell, that path is fairly static (it eventually expires) but it’s plenty of time to grab the music if you’re so inclined.

Here’s an example of how easy it is:

Say you’re using Safari, open the activity window and then click on each link on the muxtape page - you can watch the mp3’s load (they’re generally the file that’s over 3MB) click on that item in the activity window, and it will download to your local system. Since this isn’t a how-to-steal-music post, I’ll spare you the gorey detail on how easy this is to do in firefox, but trust me it is.

A Solution?:

There’s actually a few approaches that make it less of an issue, but the bottom line is that as long as people don’t consider a site like muxtape a passive form of piracy, people won’t spend the time or money to secure the media, in the end the artists are the losers - I’ve said it before, support artists, don’t steal music, but it would be helpful if we (the web/dev/media community) didn’t make it so easy.

So about 11 months ago I changed most everything about my life - I went from eating like a college student (I’m 42) and getting zero exercise (actually is there anything less than zero) to eating healthier, and regularly going to the gym, honestly nothing earth shattering, and certainly nothing we didn’t learn about in high school health class, and as of today, I’ve officially lost 67lbs. So Jared with your fancy sandwiches and your corporate sponsor SUCK IT. I figure I have about 20(ish) more pounds to lose, but already I’m at the point where most people who haven’t seen me in the last year, just don’t recognize me, which I must admit is pretty entertaining.

The aggravating part of it all is this - since the weight loss, people (mostly strangers) respond to me differently, when I was super-sized people treated me like some type of leper, now that I’m a more socially acceptable size, I get treated in a much more friendly manor, I thought I was imagining it, but my wife absolutely agrees (she’s looking mighty fine herself these days). But wait, it gets worse, I know it’s none of my business what other people do with their lives, but when I see someone basically putting poison in their mouth, I want to go and knock their tacobellburgerkingmcmuffin with cheese to the ground, and get them a banana, honestly I feel terrible about that - as of yet it hasn’t happened.

Also if the manufacturers of the following products; Grape nuts, Dole Bananas, Dannon Yogurt, Whole Foods Market, Planet Fitness, would like a spokesperson, call my people.

I’ve posted before about how my original 40GB ipod died, and lived, and died - and how I eventually excepted it’s death and moved on. Well I couldn’t just throw it out, ‘T’ had it engraved and gave it to me for our anniversary - and even non-functional that means something to me. So it sat on a shelf for 8 months, dead, but I guess I’m far too OCD to let it just sit there, so I made a snap judgement to try changing the battery - a quick visit to for a $30 battery and a bit or surprisingly simple fiddling (I would say that opening the ipod case and removing the old battery is no harder than putting RAM in a laptop) - my 40GB ipod is once again in fine working condition, as a matter of fact I’m listening to it right now.


tops Organic Carrots greens Organic Carrots Veggies are amazing, amazing textures, exotic colors, intricate patterns — flowers get all the press, but check out the colors on those carrorts, damn sexy!, almost a shame to eat them… big thanks to ‘T’ who buys me veggies, as much for their appearance as their taste.

213835main 08pd0697 Shuttle Launch! In case you missed it Endeavour launches at 2:28am this morning. Something about a shuttle launch that makes me feel all giddy - not quite as awe inspiring as the original NASA Apollo launches (which where true media events) watching the shuttle depart is still an awesome thing.

Space shuttle Endeavour thundered into orbit early Tuesday morning carrying seven astronauts and Japan’s dreams for a space-based laboratory at the International Space Station.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a geek, for a designer, I think I hold my own with most webdev programmers - In most regards I know my shit, but until recently I haven’t spent anytime learning regex (regular-expressions) and let me tell you, if you don’t know regex - simply put, you’re working too hard.

Regex is a way to filter strings that match a pattern out of text from a file or from standard input. Regular expressions (or RegExs) can be used with a big choice of programs, most notably grep (the global regular expression parser) and sed (the stream editor).

I know, even the definition is somewhat intimidating, but the power of regex is worth the pain I promise - let’s look at an example, take a look at the following list of fish (assuming that the number was a quantity).

  1. One Fish: 1
  2. Two Fish: 15
  3. Red Fish: 9
  4. Blue Fish: 0

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natmech Number 41 with a bulletBig props to my buddy Jason who’s bar National Mechanics placed #41 in the top 50 bars of Philly in the current issue of phillyweekly - It’s a great place, with a friendly and comfortable vibe. The burgers are spectacular, and the wings - even better. Rock on Jason!

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National Mechanics
22 S. Third St. 215.701.4883

Now when I listen to music and a song fades in volume - I say ‘hello’…

God, I wish that wasn’t true…