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magicpoof POOF!I enjoy magic, hmm, let me be more specific, I enjoy sleight of hand, I don’t enjoy the new kind of magic where David Blaine starves himself for 31 days and calls it an illusion, or Criss Angel swallows radioactive waste and calls it a ‘mind-freak’, I like the kind of magic where a skilled and practice individual produces deck after deck of cards from thin air 3 inches from your face, while you stare yourself cross-eyed trying to figure it out - truth be told I never want to know how it’s done.

When I saw that this weeks Illustration Friday word was Poof!, I couldn’t help myself - I illustrated the first trick I ever learned, a store bought illusion where you produce a card from thin air and then you vanish it by having it engulf itself in flames, it was a neat trick and I hurt myself EVERY TIME I DID IT, but the trick impressed the girl I was interested in at the time, so I look at it as $45 well spent.

I’ve been fooling with some styles that are a bit quicker start to finish than my normal rendered approach, I really like this segmented approach, it’s fun to do, and I like the results, but I absolutely want to explore it further.

10 Responses to POOF!

  1. zari

    great composition!

  2. Nicely executed. Very cool!

  3. Are those swiveling saloon doors behind him? Awesome. To me it’s almost like a magician is backing out of a poker game gone bad… which would be totally cool.

  4. saul

    OG, that’s EXACTLY what they are, the original pencil sketch had a old west feel, so I just went with it..

  5. moverlow

    Wow. Great style and composition. Nice work!

  6. gaia

    This is great. I love the style, esp the saloon door detail

  7. Kelly

    Wonderful illustration style and I love his expression.

  8. Pickledog

    Great balance, and wonderful colours! I love his eyebrow and mustache.

  9. Very cool colors and neat graphic design! Very nice :)

  10. Very nice illo. I so do like this style along with your take on the topic. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

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