two things never to skimp on, shoes, shellfish - the latter might kill you, the former will only make you wish you were dead..

- original quote SAUL 2010 (who happens to be wearing brand new shoes at this very moment)

if you’re working with a creative who says he can have something for you tomorrow, and you know you’ll be taking tomorrow off, or otherwise won’t get the opportunity to look at the work - let them know that, and give them the extra time, they’ll appreciate the information, and chances are you’ll get better creative.

Posting this here, to hopefully save any other SCX-4100 users some unnecessary pain, after upgrading to 10.6 my printer was recognized but was unable to print. Of Course Samsung no longer offers drivers for the SCX-4100, so after a LOT of trial and error, I discovered that the drivers for the SCX-4500 Universal Print driver work well enough that you can print. Nothing is ever easy peasy anymore.

Get the drivers for the SCX-4100 HERE

If you read THIS article (and possibly used the provided code) you may have found yourself in the same situation I was in tonight - a client WP site with 300 posts each with the titles typed in all caps (what can I say?, THEY, LIKE TO SHOUT) and a handful of pages with titles that included words that actually should be capitalized, we didn’t have an opportunity to discuss as to exactly what kind of words needed to be capitalized - but it turned out that I could just avoid the issue entirely by specifying out capitalization function explicitly - as opposed to filtering all requests for the_title(). So kill off the filter for friendlycae.

Like so (from the template)

Reality Check

I’m pretty sure at some point in the near future all those capitalize titles will come back to cause pain, but for now (and for launch) this seems to be adequate, but I know it’s only a matter of time.


IMG 0143 A Family of FurDSCN0317 A Family of FurIMG 0157 A Family of FurIMG 0237 A Family of FurIMG 0907 A Family of FurIMG 1038 A Family of FurIMG 1248 A Family of Fur

Some photos of the cats I’ve had on my desktop, top to bottom: Rueben, Pandi*, Piper, Roo*, Leeyla, Maxx! - not pictured: Bella, who maintains right of first refusal on all posted photos.

*Neither Pandi or Roo are still with us, but we think of them lovingly daily..

Search your remote Library and create a playlist based on your search - and of course play your playlist, knowledge gleaned from Doug and Rory

— you’ll want to set this line to reflect your remote machine info
set remoteMachine to "eppc://username:password@machinename.local"
set keyword to "Gogol Bordello"
display dialog "Search:" default answer keyword
set vol to text returned of the result
using terms from application "iTunes"
tell application "iTunes" of machine remoteMachine
set my_search_results to (search library playlist 1 for keyword)
if my_search_results is not {} then
set myList to make new playlist with properties {name:keyword}
set sel to a reference to my_search_results
repeat with aTrack in sel
set thisTrack to (get location of aTrack)
set dbid to (get database ID of aTrack)
add thisTrack to myList
end repeat
set currentList to playlist keyword
play the playlist named keyword
reveal current track
end if
end tell
end using terms from

Two obvious TODO’s in my code - it doesn’t do muchANY error checking so although iTunes does seemed to care if you have multiple playlists sharing a name (meaning it doesn’t overwrite them) THAT might not be what you’re intention. I’ll probably be fixing that at a later date. Lastly it doesn’t offer any feedback - which I suppose is fine, but not very me so I’ll probably add some GROWL notification in regards to if the playlist was created and how many tracks were added.

Again really just scratching the surface here, and Doug & Rory did all the heavy lifting on this one.

alfred Alfred, To The Bat Cave...I’ve blogged about Alfred once before, it’s a great little launcher - the fact that it uses Spotlight comments to tag/exclude/group apps and files for launching is IMHO it’s killer feature - being able to group all your tools AND files/documents together makes Alfred a awesome workflow tool, but I’m not here to talk about work, well not exactly - take a look at the pic at the top of this post - 6 small apps (whose code I gleaned from here), each app controls playback and volume of my Jukebox G4 Laptop, all linked together with the spotlight keyword ‘JUKE’ those combined with GROWL makes for a really powerful combination, I can control every aspect of playback of the jukebox - and get feedback as to what’s currently playing without ever taking my hands off the keyboard. I wasn’t able to find that exact Functionality anywhere else, and because I run Alfred and Growl anyway there’s ZERO OVERHEAD.

This only really scratches the surface of what’s doable, so stayed tuned. At some point in the future I’m sure Alfred will allow us to pass arguments to scripts (ala Launchbar) at that point I’ll write scripts that Spotlight tags selected files into Alfred groups, and the universe will recursively collapse upon itself.

(Icons by David Lanham)

I recently started to explore other mac media players, iTunes has awesome functionality, but sadly it’s a pig memorywise, so my day to day music listening software has become VOX whose small footprint and clean UI hits all the right notes for me. I needed a simple way to create m3u playlist files (which are really just filelists saved with a ‘m3u’ file extension - every solution I could fine seemed overkill, most of the Automator workflows I found were predicated on you already having a iTunes playlist you wanted to export - I wanted just a clean ‘right/control click on folder full of music - ‘save as playlist’ kind of functionality.

Attached is such a workflow. I’ve used it successfully recursively on a folders containing 10,000 songs, and (although Automator takes a few seconds to actually startup) the action it self is pretty fast.

A few notes:

  • It attempts to filters out the kind of CRUFT (.txt,.jpg,.png,.nfo) that you might have in a folder if you <cough>[acquire]</cough> music via some type of distribution network.
  • It asks you what you want to name it, but by default it’s going to save it to your desktop.
  • it includes subfolders as playlist items, VOX ignores these so I didn’t bother to exclude them - I suppose other players might actually choke on them so YMMV.
  • The attached file is the full-fat editable automator workflow - you’ll probably want to save that as a finder plugin

I haven’t had any issues with it, let me know if you find it helpful.

DOWNLOAD: Create_M3U_Playlist.workflow