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Alfred 350x206 Texting & Tasking with AlfredI’m ashamed at how many task management scenarios I’ve explored, you name it I’ve used it - the three constants throughout my arduous journey have been TaskPaper, Notational Velocity & Dropbox - as I’m so fond of saying, “it’s not pretty but it works” One element that’s been missing is a quick low-fat way to drop items into my text files to deal with later, I’m not fond of keeping TP or NV running all the time, as I find a task list in my face distracting and somewhat (strangely) intimidating.

Last week the awesome folks at Alfred (@alfredApp) released 0.9 of Alfred, my launcher of choice - and via my PowerPack license I can run shell scripts, global commands and other assorted tasty tidbits. Today I had a few minutes, so I knocked together a quick append to text file function so I can add my tasks to my list while ‘in the moment’

echo "{query}" >> /Users/you-username-goes-here/path/text-file-name.txt

as easy as that.. more soon.. stay tuned


Some people may want to prepend as opposed to append, this seems to work.

echo "{query}" | cat - /Users/you-username-goes-here/path/text-file-name.txt > /tmp/tempfile && mv /tmp/tempfile /Users/you-username-goes-here/path/text-file-name.txt

Another Update

now packaged as an extension here

14 Responses to Texting & Tasking with Alfred

  1. Mark

    Thanks for the tip! I found this via the link that you left at the Get Satisfaction page for Alfred. I appreciate it. One more step toward making Alfred resemble Quicksilver! :)

  2. Marwood

    Super useful, thanks for sharing this. I also found it via the Get Satisfaction link.

  3. Earl Stefan ⋅

    Nice post

  4. Thanks a lot for this script. I’ve referred to this page in a comment on, on an article about logging.

    Your script makes this a lot easier! :)

  5. JJ ⋅

    Thanks for these scripts! They work well except one caveat: they insert a backslash (\) in every space of the text I have written. As in “This is a note” turns into “This\is\a\note”. Do you have a solution?

  6. saul

    You just to turn off escaping from within Alfred (leave it on for double quotes though)

  7. JJ ⋅

    Thanks! Now it works great! Had somehow missed the advanced tab…

  8. Steve ⋅

    hey im a newbie, can someone talk me step by step how to do this???

  9. saul

    Steve - I wrapped it up into an extension - should make life easier for you - just install it (double click it to install) and change the path to match the path to the text file of your choice.

  10. Steve ⋅

    hmmn still having trouble. when i tried to import the .zip folder it said that the file was corrupted, when i unpacked the zipped folder and installed the folder i got the script name, and it said created by you, but everything else was missing. i tried changing the data again but it doesn;t seem to work. ill quickly talk you through what ive done:
    1. follow instructions above as best i understand
    2. make the shortcut ‘todo’
    3. i type todo thisismytext in alfred, and while the script comes up when i go to check the .txt file there is no change
    4. i tried typing todo “thissimytext” and that too didn’t work.

    sorry for bothering you, thanks for being so helpful!!

  11. Steve ⋅

    fyi i just added your show and hide desktop extensions and they worked great! the difference i noticed is that those extensions were in the format .alfredextension, while the other ones were .plist files.

  12. saul

    just rename that folder you unzipped to include a ‘.alfredextension’ extension - that should fix it up

  13. Steve ⋅

    amazing! thanks for all the help. also something i learned today is that changing the extension of a file from rtf to txt hides many many things. Me=noob. thanks so much!

  14. Albert ⋅

    Thank you!

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