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So T wanted shrimp for dinner, a simple request - normally I’d go to the one decent seafood place in Bensalem but pressed for time I went to Acme - never my first choice, service is challenging on the best of days there. So there I am standing at the fish counter - behind me I can hear a gaggle of deli-ladies partying like it’s 1999, but over their noise I couldn’t attract any attention - suddenly the fish waiters numbers grew (we were 2, then shortly thereafter we formed a quartet of pissed off Pescetarians) Eventually I did the only thing I could think to do, I went looking for a manager.

10 minutes later I’m explaining to the manager the issue and invited him to come stand with us at the fish counter, so he could ‘fully soak in the full Acme experience’ - about 4 minutes after that I had my order of shrimp - The manager made it very clear - he had no explanation for the bad service - nor did he make any excuses, - I totally respect that.

If the experience had ended there I would have been satisfied, chalking the experience up as a standard trip to the Acme - but after I paid and was headed towards the door - the same manager stopped me, invited me over to the customer service desk - and proceeded to ring me up a Acme gift-card for the inconvenience - telling me that he’s sorry for my negative experience and he hopes the gift-card would encourage me to give Acme another chance. A pretty classy move.

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  1. Todd Coulson ⋅

    I love it when customer service exists!
    This doesn’t include Acme, but a good guide:

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