I’ve been writing tons of Ajaxy goodness lately, lots of concurrent projects each in a different folder, a different drive - and honestly I’m just too lazy to stop and start MAMP or Web Sharing, really I’m that lazy, so I thought it would be pretty handy a AlfredApp extension that would make running a… Read more.

So Alfred 0.9.9 was recently released, it’s awesome - and it get’s better with every release. One of the new features is that it supports extensions (applescripts, shell scripts, automator actions, specific file references and search filters) here’s 2 that I knocked together rather quickly. Hide / Show Desktop: this shows and hides the files… Read more.

I’m ashamed at how many task management scenarios I’ve explored, you name it I’ve used it - the three constants throughout my arduous journey have been TaskPaper, Notational Velocity & Dropbox - as I’m so fond of saying, “it’s not pretty but it works” One element that’s been missing is a quick low-fat way to… Read more.

I’ve blogged about Alfred once before, it’s a great little launcher - the fact that it uses Spotlight comments to tag/exclude/group apps and files for launching is IMHO it’s killer feature - being able to group all your tools AND files/documents together makes Alfred a awesome workflow tool, but I’m not here to talk about… Read more.

Recently I switched my launcher of choice to ‘Alfred’ a nifty indie project that I became aware of via Twitter, in the past I’ve been both a Quicksilver and LaunchBar user - both extremely powerful apps that although I used them religiously, each had quirks I never could really get past (QS had stability issues,… Read more.