Kickstarter - unimpressed - disappointed

so i received my second ‘kickstarter’ backer reward today - and for the second time - the quality of the workmanship in WELL below commercial levels, this one kind of resembles a shop project built by grade schoolers - I’m just going to delete both indiegogo and kickstarter from all memory, as - although it’s a good idea karma - it’s seemingly just craigslist with better PR

So T wanted shrimp for dinner, a simple request - normally I’d go to the one decent seafood place in Bensalem but pressed for time I went to Acme - never my first choice, service is challenging on the best of days there. So there I am standing at the fish counter - behind me I can hear a gaggle of deli-ladies partying like it’s 1999, but over their noise I couldn’t attract any attention - suddenly the fish waiters numbers grew (we were 2, then shortly thereafter we formed a quartet of pissed off Pescetarians) Eventually I did the only thing I could think to do, I went looking for a manager.

10 minutes later I’m explaining to the manager the issue and invited him to come stand with us at the fish counter, so he could ‘fully soak in the full Acme experience’ - about 4 minutes after that I had my order of shrimp - The manager made it very clear - he had no explanation for the bad service - nor did he make any excuses, - I totally respect that.

If the experience had ended there I would have been satisfied, chalking the experience up as a standard trip to the Acme - but after I paid and was headed towards the door - the same manager stopped me, invited me over to the customer service desk - and proceeded to ring me up a Acme gift-card for the inconvenience - telling me that he’s sorry for my negative experience and he hopes the gift-card would encourage me to give Acme another chance. A pretty classy move.

Amazing some of the things you learn from looking at 10-15 years worth of client comps

In every design treatment pitch I make - there’s always at least 3 treatments, #1 is the well-manacured, tasteful option, #2 is like #1 in many ways - but spent her last two years of college abroad - #3 is the wild-child complete with some trampy and slutty tendencies, none of the sisters are bad choices, it really depends on how adventurous a client is feeling.

I would like to publicly announce that I will no longer be flying United Airlines, unless the also ban - Caucasians, Afro Americans, Asians, Indians, people of Latin descent, old people, people wearing pajamas, people traveling with small children and people wearing sandals with socks… If we’re going to exclude - let’s at least do a good job of it.

United Airlines announced that nine different dog breeds will no longer be permitted to fly on their aircrafts.

Chapter 6: where our hero stabs the chief of police in the eye with the key to the city, and holes away in the Motel Six on Route 1 with four pounds of atomic fireballs and a stall shower full of bathtub gin.

and the blood ran #b02b41

I see a headline like that and all I can think of is, “Wow, that’s the wrong tool for the job, ya want something with a point!, for the stabbing.”

Hopefully this will be as useful to others as it was to me.
  1. Reset voicemail password from AT&T’s automated system
  2. Call 611 (from a different cell, not the one you’re resetting) or 800-331-0500.
  3. Enter the cell number starting with area code.
  4. Press 3 to “get help with voicemail.”
  5. Press 2 to reset your VM password.
  6. Enter the last 4 digits of the SS# for the account holder.

You’ll get a temporary code texted to your phone. surprisingly streamlined process

This just happened…

me: I can write a script that will update your dashboard 100 times a day.
client: NO! That’s just not often enough!
me: Okay how about I update it every 15 minutes.
client: perfect.