Dear Santa

I know you usu­al­ly only do the Decem­ber thing, and that your busy deal­ing with elves, rein­deer and that foxy Mrs. Clause, but please, please, please can you find it in your snowy heart to deliv­er the fol­low­ing to me today;

  • one large box of Spree,
  • six one liter bot­tles of Diet Coke
  • a gross of pix­ie sticks, just orange, grape and lemon please 
  • six amish but­ter baked pret­zels
  • a Funion loaf 
  • some Milan­ta, because I real­ly shouldn’t eat that Funion loaf]
  • six nuts and raisin Chunky Bars
  • and six large granny smith apples

if you do that for me oh beard­ed one, I promise I’ll be good…I swear