I am the God of Hellfire

Most peo­ple who know me now, didn’t know me ten years ago, but believe me when I tell you I was one of the evilest moth­er­fuck­ers that ever lived ‘T’ will back me up on this, I would pick a fight just to hear you scream, and then laugh in your face. But those days are long gone, I’ve embraced the zen of life and now very lit­tle both­ers me, except hav­ing to rewire home the­ater sys­tems. Occa­sion­al­ly I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and a bit of the old saul peeks through, I usu­al­ly lock myself in my stu­dio on those days, like today, and I play music very very loud. Today, being one of those days, prompt­ed a call from a neigh­bor, tran­script fol­lows

N: Saul are you deaf? 

S: Huh?…Why?.. Who is this? 

H: It’s, name omit­ted to pro­tect the vic­tim, I can hear that music from my bed­room.

S: So?… I’m tak­ing requests… 

N: My Fill­ings are loos­en­ing, my pic­tures are falling off the wall… my dog is Sterile..for the love of God turn that down. 

S: Did you say turn it up? cause it\‘s only at half vol­ume right now. 

N: Please don’t turn it up.. I have milk in the fridge that will sour. 

S: You think?… I bet I can make it rain if I turn it all the way up.

N: Your not going to turn it down are you? S: Not even if god him­self appeared in front of me in the form of Lucy Lui and begged me to turn it down so we could make love in peace.

N: Huh?..are you high? , I don’t con­done recre­ation­al drug use, but I do love this ques­tion, well if you’re not going to turn it down, do you have any­thing by Dylan?

S: What do you have against the theme from Sesame Street…Sunny Day Sweep­ing’ the clouds away, evil laugh…fade out.