My phone has been ring­ing off the hook today, it’s most­ly project relat­ed, but as I was drink­ing my loc-cal, low-carb, high-fiber, low-fat, high-fruc­tose, medi­um-sodi­um par­tial­ly homog­e­nized some­what car­bonized cof­fee bev­er­age, the phone rang, my caller-id let me know the call was from those oh-so help­ful peo­ple at ‘Win­dowWiz­ards’, usu­al­ly I would ignore such a bla­tant sales call, but I hap­pen to be in the mar­ket for replace­ment win­dows, so I picked the call up.

CALLER: “hel­lo, sir, my name is, because I made him cry, let’s just call him OMITfrom Win­dowWiz­ards, I’m autho­rized to offer you our top qual­i­ty dou­ble sash replace­ment win­dows at slight­ly above fac­to­ry cost. That’s 50% off our nor­mal price”

S: Real­ly!! only slight­ly above, who do I have to talk too, to get them actu­al­ly AT fac­to­ry prices?

O: Sir?

S: no I’m seri­ous, whom do I have to talk to, to get them AT fac­to­ry prices, maybe the per­son who autho­rize you?

O: Who sir?

S: Let’s review shall we, you’re OMIT and you’ve been autho­rized… you said that didn’t you.

O: Well, yes I sup­pose I did.

S: There MUST be some­one there who has the pow­er to drop the price TO fac­to­ry prices. Let me talk to them, I’ll wait.

O: Sir, There isn’t any such per­son.

S: But you pre­sent­ed your­self as ‘Autho­rized’ was that a lie OMIT?

O: Sir?

S: OMIT it’s real­ly sim­ple either you’re ‘Autho­rized’ or you’re not.. are you.

O: it says I am sir.

S: But your not aware of whom ‘Autho­rized’ you? Per­haps it hap­pened spon­ta­neous­ly?

O: Sir I don’t think any­one ‘Autho­rized’ me, I just am, it’s part of the job.

S: Hmm.. so can you low­er the price TO fac­to­ry prices?

O: No sir but I am Autho­rized to offer…

S: I think we’ve ade­quate­ly deter­mined that your not Autho­rized, but the script obvi­ous­ly is, click.

So there you have it, OMIT hung up on me, and I real­ly want­ed to hear about the win­dows, but I couldn’t get past the fact that OMIT was spon­ta­neous­ly autho­rized, maybe it comes from work­ing for a wiz­ard?