So yes­ter­day was my birth­day, woo-hoo, my dar­ling wife whisked me off to spend a night in a fan­cy-pants hotel, spend a day look­ing at ancient art/artifacts (I’m total­ly an art geek), and exot­ic tree-frogs (we’re BOTH wildlife geeks), it was a pret­ty great day even though the weath­er was pret­ty nasty. I even learned a lit­tle some­thing

If you see a tasty lit­tle frog (lets say he’s green) and you want to pick him up and lick him, DON’T — because he’s prob­a­bly not as tasty as he looks.

The whole day was low-key and leisure­ly, exact­ly how I like to spend my non-work­ing days — we con­clud­ed our day out with a deli­cious seafood din­ner (her: Pis­ta­chio encrust­ed shrimp, me: Seared Ahi Tuna with dark soy and wasabi) and a VERY rare indul­gence for me, dessert (her: Twice-baked apple pie ala-mode, me: Caramel driz­zled bread pud­ding) might have been the best dessert of my entire life, seri­ous­ly.