Daily List for: 4/5/2013

  • Hap­py East­er
  • I like peanut but­ter eggs, I’m not sure what lays them
  • You can’t sneak up on the East­er bun­ny because he ears you com­ing
  • Peeps are bet­ter stale
  • True Peeps are yel­low, all the oth­er peeps, posers, yes I’m a peep racist
  • It’s baf­fling that the smart peo­ple at Reece’s don’t real­ize that all the oth­er sized ‘Peanut But­ter Cups’ taste noth­ing like the full sized ones
  • The only TRUE way to eat peanut but­ter (or Nutel­la) is with a spoon (or your fin­gers if you’ve washed your hands), hid­ing
  • Jel­ly beans do not sprout into jel­ly trees