Daily List for: 0/9./24.15

  • Some Dogs are bone chew­ers, oth­ers, rawhide grou­chos
  • Noth­ing about a yel­low Porsche says classy, so you might as well go for the douchey van­i­ty plates
  • Pope­blocked, a verb, exam­ple of usage: I had a cool thing to do tonight, but was total­ly pope­blocked — ori­gin: Philadel­phi­an, see also jawn
  • Gar­den havok is bet­ter than gar­den null
  • My wife pitched me an app idea, I like it
  • I need to adjust the dogs inter­nal clock, can’t find the crown
  • Dogs might sleep more than cats, as if that’s pos­si­ble
  • Stand­ing is the new sit­ting