List for: 10.08.15

  • Some­times sci­ence is cru­el, but you can’t fault sci­ence, just igno­rance of sci­ence
  • Taste it, just once, if you don’t like it, nev­er again..
  • Some­thing about dri­ving brings out the stu­pid in peo­ple
  • Morn­ings burn bright and fast
  • What if car­toons have been lying to use for decades
  • Live your life by the num­bers, math helps most things
  • When I’m bored I test dri­ve used mus­cle cars
  • I hate diced toma­to, but love sliced toma­to, I’m weird like that
  • Spicy food is sel­dom spicy enough, until it is
  • Secrets are bet­ter when you can share them with a con­fi­dant
  • Fat is the new white bread