Daily List for: 1/27/2015

Notes 1/27/2015

  • Cats are the gate­keep­ers of warmth
  • If dying required paper­work to be com­plet­ed, I’m con­fi­dent I’ll live for­ev­er.
  • Not all weath­er­proof boots are water­proof
  • If at first you don’t suc­ceed, don’t whine about it, nobody cares
  • You show your love for me in the most mun­dane ways, and I appre­ci­ate every one of them
  • Ask­ing for help isn’t a sign of weak­ness, suf­fer­ing in silence is.
  • Friends are hap­py to hear from you at three in the morn­ing
  • Not all guys in bands are sen­si­tive
  • Rice cakes are a POOR sub­sti­tute for rye toast
  • Much like rust, entre­pre­neurs nev­er sleep
  • Bak­ers are sexy, and kneedy