Daily List for: 2/3/2015

  • Nobody promised you hap­pi­ness or suc­cess, fight for it, scratch, claw, climb earn your hap­pi­ness through sweat and hard work
  • Reward your­self, take your­self on a me date every now and then
  • I can think of no one I’d rather grow old with than you, every wrin­kle is a sto­ry, every gray hair a chap­ter in our lives
  • Pet peeve: When peo­ple assume that the odds on flip­ping a coin, or rolling dice, ever change, irre­gard­less of what the pre­vi­ous result was, the odds nev­er change
  • Favorite sound: Trains in the dis­tance
  • Break­fast for din­ner equals Brin­ner, and it’s the great­est thing ever, Brin­ner is 2.6% bet­ter than Brunch, and it’s supe­ri­or­i­ty over the poor­ly con­ceived Lun­ner is immea­sur­able.
  • Hav­ing you by my side makes me feel like I can accom­plish any­thing