Daily List for: 6/10/2015

  • I’m con­tem­plat­ing tak­ing my cat Maxx on morn­ing walks, do they make a cat har­ness in ‘port­ly’
  • I spent a week eat­ing clean(ish) going on numer­ous walks a day and in gen­er­al feel­ing great, try­ing hard to keep that going
  • I was out of ice this morn­ing so I’m using whiskey stones in my ice water, it’s nice to taste undi­lut­ed water
  • After 3 years I final­ly fig­ured out the best way to use my big Jam­box, it involved read­ing the man­u­al
  • McDon­alds is not cur­rent­ly offer­ing High­lander hap­py meals, and if they were you’d have to hur­ry because they’d only have one
  • Why is cher­ry so wild?, and is black cher­ry also wild?, is black cher­ry con­sid­ered a minor­i­ty in the cher­ry world? we know how peo­ple feel about tart cher­ry, secret­ly she’s my favorite
  • I spend half my day climb­ing up on a ledge, the oth­er half enjoy­ing the view
  • Some­days these notes are real­ly easy to write
  • Words are the new fore­play