Daily List for: 0/7/1715

  • After a long sleep­less night even dogs don’t want to take a walk
  • Humid­i­ty is like nature sweat
  • Nobody likes walk­ing on cut stone, nobody
  • A weird unshake­able vibe is stalk­ing me today
  • Left to my own devices every meal becomes a break­fast vari­a­tion
  • I like my peanut but­ter smooth and my jazz crunchy
  • At this point I’ll stop point­ing
  • Just sit qui­et­ly and let me take a nap on your lap
  • Con­tem­pla­tion is the new ther­a­py

Daily List for: 0/7/1615

  • it’s all about cir­ca­di­ans, don’t fight it
  • veloc­i­ty and a clean pane of glass is not a birds best friend
  • I shared a moment with a hum­ming­bird this morn­ing, inch­es from my nose
  • mak­ing deci­sions is about hav­ing an abun­dance of rel­e­vant data, oth­er­wise throw a dart
  • when you’re tired or hun­gry is not the time to have life dis­cus­sions
  • albi­no birds, it’s a thing, no wait! those are doves
  • I get that he’s a duck, and she’s a duck, and I’m a goose, but who are you?
  • takes me about 72 hours to com­plete­ly accli­mate domes­ti­cal­ly, 120 hours inter­na­tion­al­ly
  • the rain only stays out­side if you close the win­dows
  • that chew­able part of your neck, love that
  • if I had known I would have worn waders
  • adults don’t throw enough paja­ma par­ties
  • e.e. cum­mings is the new j.k. rowl­ings

Daily List for: 7/15/2015

  • Life’s not always a gen­tle caress, some­times it’s a slap in the face
  • Some­times things just hap­pen, no rea­son, don’t get twist­ed when it does
  • Stu­pid­i­ty hap­pens to every­one, bet­ter to laugh about it, than make it a habit
  • Chron­ic injuries SUCK
  • Morn­ing naps aren’t always a thing, but this morn­ing is the excep­tion
  • I see mud in my future, lots and lots of mud
  • There will always be some­thing creepy about day­time thun­der­storms
  • Exhaust­ed is the new enthu­si­ased

Daily List for: 0/22/42015

  • Nev­er call the bluff of some­one with noth­ing left to loose.
  • Nev­er bet mon­ey you don’t have in your pock­et.
  • When you win mon­ey, unless you’re sober, put it away
  • Restraint is sexy
  • Don’t play games you don’t under­stand
  • Nev­er play cards with some­one wear­ing a pinky ring, or who has a nick­name based on a drink, a city or a sex act

Daily List for: 4/5/2013

  • Hap­py East­er
  • I like peanut but­ter eggs, I’m not sure what lays them
  • You can’t sneak up on the East­er bun­ny because he ears you com­ing
  • Peeps are bet­ter stale
  • True Peeps are yel­low, all the oth­er peeps, posers, yes I’m a peep racist
  • It’s baf­fling that the smart peo­ple at Reece’s don’t real­ize that all the oth­er sized ‘Peanut But­ter Cups’ taste noth­ing like the full sized ones
  • The only TRUE way to eat peanut but­ter (or Nutel­la) is with a spoon (or your fin­gers if you’ve washed your hands), hid­ing
  • Jel­ly beans do not sprout into jel­ly trees