Daily List for: 2/27/2015

  • There is noth­ing as excit­ing and as ter­ri­fy­ing as a blank page
  • Peo­ple blind­ly believe sta­tis­tics even though most don’t under­stand how mal­leable data is
  • I try not to eat at restau­rants with more than 2 types of condi­ments on the tables
  • Any­thing worth doing is worth doing until you’re good at it, or at least sweaty

Daily List for: 3/10/2015

  • Now is not the time to doubt your­self, that time was nev­er
  • Why no smell-o-vision?
  • Your eyes give me away
  • Why is that com­ma so pos­ses­sive
  • I’m sor­ry I’m total­ly judg­ing your restau­rant by your host­ess
  • Friends lis­ten… and pay for the next round
  • Trust is a six let­ter word
  • Some­days our goals exceed our gump­tion
  • Lunch thoughts: Great burg­er, good pick­les, so-so fries, all made bet­ter by a chat­ty bar­tender
  • My alle­giance is not con­di­tion­al, but my excite­ment is for sale

Daily List for: 3/11/2015

  • Engage mouth only after suit­able use of ears
  • Nod­ding while on the phone is point­less, but say­ing ‘I’m nod­ding is equal­ly point­less’
  • Sleep is where dreams come true
  • Finicky cats secret­ly speak in Mor­ris code
  • I know that you can accom­plish any­thing you set your mind on, it’s fun to watch
  • Body con­fi­dence is the new haute
  • Between hap­pi­ness and mis­er­able lies scotch
  • I’d give any­thing to be able to know what my cats are think­ing just for a day, it would clear up a mil­lion mys­ter­ies
  • Some nights I want to use the spare pil­low to smoth­er myself, luck­i­ly the cats claim all the spare pil­lows before I can do that
  • Hugs not bugs

Daily List for: 3/12/2015

  • It’s not the wand, it’s the wiz­ard
  • Peo­ple are like onions, lay­ered and some­times fried
  • I com­mit quick, fight furi­ous­ly, and nev­er sur­ren­der
  • Per­ma­nent­ly and for­ev­er UYI (under your influ­ence)
  • My brain is stuck on Spin Cycle
  • Eye con­tact and silence are the new fore­play
  • Your body is my direc­to­ry assis­tance

Daily List for: 3/13/2015

  • I’m an inside out-tro­vert
  • Com­pan­ion­ship isn’t a com­mod­i­ty to be nego­ti­at­ed
  • Some wings just don’t fly
  • Until you’re the luck­i­est guy in the room, you just nev­er appre­ci­ate it
  • I guess he liked it
  • On the worst of days, hap­pi­ness can be deliv­ered on a sheet pan
  • Awk­ward silences, hand games and fin­ger foods are a recipe for laugh­ter
  • Some­times the last swal­low of beer isn’t your, but you drink it any­how
  • I mix drinks, and metaphors
  • Friends fear not cooties (I’ve had the shot)

Daily List for: 3/14/2015

  • Shop­ping is my drug of choice, malls are my church
  • Some­times I’m mason some­times I’m dixon, I cross a lot of lines
  • If the only ques­tion you have is ‘What’s wrong?’ don’t ask it
  • Bro­ken is the new decon­struct­ed
  • My lust is cur­rent­ly on a sab­bat­i­cal
  • I’ve spilled my beer and cried about it
  • It’s pos­si­ble to be mis­er­able while amidst a sea of hap­py
  • I don’t ride the brake, I let grav­i­ty make my jel­ly roll
  • I real­ly want a triple Amer­i­cano with half whole milk and half half and half, but most­ly because I like order­ing half half and half
  • I’m not a cow­boy
  • Hand­fuls of headaches, pock­ets full of posies…

Daily List for: 3/17/2015

  • There’s noth­ing sad­der than real­iz­ing you can remem­ber details about a loved one who’s passed
  • Habits are habit form­ing
  • Take a minute, pet the cat
  • Try snack­ing from the pro­duce depart­ment, avoid the cen­ter of the store entire­ly
  • I failed Brain chem­istry, there was no reme­di­al class
  • Trav­el­ing ducks deprive me of sleep
  • Ver­bal sword­play is my olympic sport

Daily List for: 3/18/2013

  • Infu­ri­ates me that we live in a world where our crim­i­nals are
    pro­vid­ed meals, health­care and shel­ter and our law-aid­ing
    cit­i­zens strug­gle with acquir­ing all three
  • Gatorade tastes like hell, until you need it
  • The key to accom­plish­ment is rep­e­ti­tion
  • Rye toast and con­cord grape jel­ly, that’s my jam
  • Trust is the key to mutu­al sat­is­fac­tion
  • Salt­ed Caramel is the new à la mode

Daily List for: 3/19/2015

  • Actions go places while inten­tions are makes plans
  • Lis­ten­ing is a lost art
  • Favors don’t require reci­procity
  • The key to a hap­py future is learn­ing to let the past go
  • Plans fail, pro­fes­sion­als plan for that
  • Don’t poke the bear hold­ing the pointy stick
  • Sur­round your­self with pos­i­tiv­i­ty you love
  • Dri­ve safe, sleep well, don’t hes­i­tate to hug
  • Flex­i­bil­i­ty is the key to enjoy­ment

Daily List for: 3/21/2015

  • Some­times my brain is non-coop­er­a­tive
  • I’m both sides of every coin
  • Just once I’d like the Coy­ote to win
  • If I were to win the lot­tery tomor­row, aside from pay­ing off some loved ones mort­gages and donat­ing to a few favorite caus­es, not sure I’d change much of any­thing, I’m hap­py, why screw with that..
  • Your love and sup­port ensconces me like a blan­ket fresh out of the dry­er
  • Secret to every­thing: Be your­self, even if you annoy every­one around you, even­tu­al­ly that becomes endear­ing
  • First Date Favorites; Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk, Movie The­ater Can­dy: Choco­late Non­pareil poured into But­tered pop­corn (bring nap­kins), Din­er Indul­gence: French Onion Soup
  • Great­est change in my life: learn­ing that the stuff I can’t con­trol, isn’t worth get­ting wound up about
  • I’d rather spend time dry­er, I always find the washer­ag­i­tat­ing

Daily List for: 3/26/2013

  • Clar­i­ty comes from talk­ing it out, laugh­ing out loud, chat­ting aim­less­ly
  • Pushed up, emo­tion­al­ly twist­ed and pulled over
  • I love to trav­el, I hate to trav­el
  • I did pack my own bags, but I have no idea what’s in my pock­ets, these might not even be my pants
  • The menu said noth­ing about driz­zle, and not that I’ve seen my chick­en with a white driz­zle, I want the beef, sans driz­zle
  • For good cus­tomers the sky’s is the lim­it, for bad cus­tomers, crick­ets
  • Draw­ing is bet­ter than not draw­ing, bak­ing is some­times bet­ter than draw­ing and eat­ing warm bread is bet­ter than bak­ing
  • Shop­ping is my hero­in
  • My goal is to not set goals
  • Splash in a pud­dle, be a mer­maid, walk through the rain in a suede jack­et, go wad­ing with your loafers, loaf around in your waders
  • Sin is in, there will be a memo slipped into your inbox
  • Pink is the new laven­der, which was the new ver­mil­lion, which con­tin­ues to be the new cerulean, which is still very much in style
  • The road to hap­pi­ness is fraught with temp­ta­tions, it’s up to you to suc­cumb to the ones that make you squeal

Daily List for: 3/27/2015

  • noth­ing exists but our his­to­ry, that that’s past and that not yet writ­ten
  • togeth­er­ness can be exhaust­ing
  • focus on the jour­ney and not the des­ti­na­tion
  • why isn’t win­ter over yet?
  • I want a sand­wich as big as my head, and I guess also a knife and fork
  • of course I want sprin­kles, does any­one ever not want sprin­kles?
  • solve the imme­di­ate prob­lem, then cir­cle back to solve the prob­lems the solu­tion caus­es

Daily List for: 4/10/2015

  • Maxx I don’t real­ly under­stand what it is that you want
  • For a month before my sched­uled colonoscopy I’m eat­ing noth­ing but red beets and cher­ry jel­lo, If I’m going to pay for it, and suf­fer through it, I want it mem­o­rable
  • Shop­ping is my side slice, and I’m giv­ing her all my love
  • I love piz­za and I like pie, I have a hard time refer­ring to them as piz­za pies though
  • My charm is hooked to a clap­per
  • We had a mul­ti-legged insect in the hall­way that I have on good author­i­ty tast­ed like chick­en
  • First Date Con­fes­sions; Weak­ness: Smart Dark haired girls with dirty mouths
  • Nowhere to go but up
  • I have to believe tomor­row is going to be bet­ter than today
  • Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty is over­rat­ed and effec­tive mul­ti­task­ing is a myth

Daily List for: 4/22/2015

  • I’m not sure if I’m an opti­mistic cyn­ic or a self­less nar­cis­sist
  • South­ern hos­pi­tal­i­ty is the broad side of the grater
  • Now we’ve paid triple for look­ing in the mir­ror twice
  • Cruise con­trol is your cars way of rein­forc­ing learned behav­ior
  • Big rig truck­ers all look like they’re sit­ting on a tack
  • Cof­fee is the dev­ils gas ped­al
  • If you break the law in Ten­nessee you might just end up in this weeks issue of ‘Bust­ed!’
  • Beer out­num­bers iced tea at Love’s Trav­el Cen­ters
  • If we spray our car with Pam can we go faster? These are the kinds of things I think about on car rides
  • Cows seem indif­fer­ent

Daily List for: 4/24/2015

Foods I have zero willpow­er around:

  • Salt & Pep­per Squid (I actu­al­ly have a favorite place for this, but it’s kind of a schlep)
  • Hard Pret­zels (have to blame Ran­dall for this one)
  • Cashews (damn their fat­ty good­ness)
  • Qual­i­ty Ice Cream (I’ll include B&J’s in that cat­e­go­ry)
  • Swedish Fish (Keep­ing those Swedish fish­er­man in busi­ness)
  • Black Licorice ANYTHING (exclud­ing Good & Plen­ty, which I can only enjoy in small quan­ti­ties)
  • French Fries and/or Hash­browns
  • Gar­l­i­cy Gua­camole and/or Spicy Sal­sa
  • The Veg­gie Burg­er at Nation­al Mechan­ics
  • Wings at Eulo­gy (of which one drunk night I ate $50.00 worth)
  • Choco­late (yes that’s inten­tion­al­ly broad)
  • But­tered Pop­corn with Truf­fle Salt (not but­ter fla­vored, not a weird fla­vor, qual­i­ty mat­ters on this one)
  • Pou­tine (assum­ing I’m with Brid­get and already a beer ahead)
  • Did I men­tion I love wings?
  • Those tox­ic chips they have on the tables at some­what-clean Chi­nese restau­rants and the nasty mus­tard
  • Fresh Roast­ed jalapeños (so deli­cious)
    Bonus DRINKS:
  • A well made G&T is a beau­ti­ful thing (sad­ly most bar­tenders fail at the sim­ple stuff)
  • A Black and White Milk­shake (yumm, espe­cial­ly with fries)
  • What­ev­er is on tap if the bar­tender is adorable
    So I guess this post is about my gen­er­al lack of willpow­er, what’s your can’t stop munch­ing foods?

Daily List for: 4/27/2015

  • Hap­pi­ness is hope­ful­ly habit form­ing, for some peo­ple that seems eas­i­er than for oth­ers
  • Mon­sters meet the most inter­est­ing peo­ple
  • I have a stu­pid idea, I need some­one to invest stu­pid mon­ey
  • As I get old­er the more I can appre­ci­ate the con­ve­nience of city liv­ing, if only it could be clos­er to the mall
  • Imag­ing what his­to­ry books would be like if Colum­bus, Mag­el­lan and Pizarro all had iPhones
  • I watch you look­ing at your wrist, over, and over, and over, I see your $700 Apple watch, I’m just tor­tur­ing you by not acknowl­edg­ing it
  • What if my ducks don’t want to stay in a row?, can I get them in a col­umn?
  • I draw non-straight lines for a liv­ing, both lit­er­al­ly and non-lit­er­al­ly, I also like to abuse words
  • There are not enough hours in the day for an unmo­ti­vat­ed pro­cras­ti­na­tor to catch up on Dr. Who
  • Noth­ing annoys me more than peo­ple ask­ing what’s in some­thing before they taste it, If I tell you it has arsenic in it BEFORE you taste it it will total­ly ruin the sur­prise
  • I have Sil­ly Put­ty on my desk as encour­age­ment, most days it wins
  • I envy any artist that can actu­al­ly chase their fire, day to day that must be amaz­ing­ly reward­ing
  • There is no bot­tom, we just keep dig­ging fur­ther down
  • It doesn’t take a rock­et sci­en­tist to build a rock­et, but it does takes one to get that rock­et off the ground

Daily List for: 4/28/2015

  • Plea­sure deferred is the new instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion
  • Putting in the work, shows through the details
  • The fire in your eyes keeps me hun­gry
  • A moment is only fleet­ing if you let it fleet
  • If I could bot­tle angst and ner­vous ener­gy I’d need a lot of corks
  • Barista Bet­ty knows I like it black, sweet, and hot
  • The ducks don’t care how old the bread is

Daily List for: 5/13/2015

  • My new super­mar­ket is a lot of fun, it’s like Wal­mart is host­ing NYC fash­ion week
  • Humor is every­where if you slow down and lis­ten
  • My cat Leey­lah gets annoyed if you half­heart­ed­ly pet her, extrap­o­late that to every­thing you do for the rest of your life
  • IMHO Mac and cheese is the per­fect, too tired to cook meal, you can treat the orange dust like a cheesy dip­pin­stick
  • I’m addict­ed to iced tea, you nev­er see meet­ings for that, I guess they’d be held in the restroom
  • I under­stand that you’re gluten-free, what I don’t under­stand is why you can’t fin­ish a sen­tence with­out men­tion­ing it
  • You should just avoid food that you’ve glam­or­ized in your mem­o­ries, the real­i­ty nev­er lives up to the mem­o­ry, for me that list includes; corned beef, sweet & sour beef and hot and sour soup
  • Nev­er skimp on things you enjoy

Daily List for: 4/13/2015

  • Some­where there’s a cow­boy who’s inform­ing some­one that ‘this is actu­al­ly my first rodeo’
  • Not ever day is a win­ner
  • The nice thing about a tun­nel… No rain
  • Now there’s some­thing you don’t see every­day — a bride in a gown, walk­ing her dog
  • Seems I like a din­ner jack­et
  • I’m stand­ing square­ly in harms’ way
  • I’m infat­u­at­ed with the green­est of god­dess­es
  • You can in fact put a price on a good-time
  • You can look at too many paint­ings, think I’m done for the year
  • Hap­py birth­day moth­er…
  • 95% of the time the moti­va­tion is mon­ey, sex or pow­er
  • You can have that seat, but you’ll only need the edge
  • Rich peo­ple are quirky, and pock­et exclu­sion­ists
  • Charg­ing me 22 dol­lars a glass for Pros­ec­co doesn’t make me not want to abscond with your fan­cy sil­ver­ware
  • Shop­ping gov­er­nor engaged, all sys­tems are green